Registration for 2018-19 is ongoing until all spots are filled. Interested families are encouraged to contact the office as soon as possible as remaining space is limited. 

Following is our brochure of classes, along with the registration form and parent agreement.Proof of age is needed if child has not previously been enrolled in a GRCS program.

Tots 2018-19 brochure.pdf

Tots Preschool registration form 2018-19.pdf

Tots parent agreement 2018-19.pdf

Terrific for Tots

The primary goal of the Terrific for Tots Preschool Program is to provide an environment where children, through active learning principles, will continue to grow socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically. We believe that children in our program will gain greater confidence and have a good start in developing positive attitudes toward school, teachers and their classmates, while they develop skills intended to prepare them for their future school environment.

All of our teachers are certified in Elementary or Early Childhood Education and are assisted in the classroom by at least one experienced aide. The programs are located in classrooms at Coleman Elementary School and Central Elementary School in Glen Rock. Terrific for Tots is run under the direction of the Glen Rock Community School and is the only preschool affiliated with the Glen Rock School District.

Children from all communities and of all races, religions and ethnicities are welcome at Terrific for Tots.

Mom & Tot 2018-19

As a local pioneer in this educational program for toddlers, the Glen Rock Community School designed Mom & Tot to provide toddlers with their first exposure to a teacher and peer group in a non-threatening environment that includes a parent or caregiver. This is a special time for you and your toddler. Your 18- to 24-month-old is entering an important developmental stage. Speech and motor skills, and social and emotional skills are developing rapidly. Our Mom & Tot program is designed to encourage growth in these areas through play and group interaction, while providing moms or other caretakers a forum for exchange of ideas and information.

2 -Year-Old Program 2018-19

We subscribe to the tenet that “play” is an essential part of a preschool curriculum. Through a variety of activity centers, children will explore, discover, develop new friendships, increase language and mathematics skills, and continue to develop large motor skills. Children must be 2 years old by Oct. 1, 2018. The class meets two mornings each week with the option of a third afternoon program.

3-Year-Old Program 2018-19

The curriculum of the 3-year-old program follows the same philosophy as the 2 -year-old class. Children are encouraged to be actively involved in the learning process by using developmentally appropriate activities and materials. The program strives to foster positive self-concepts while encouraging children to think, reason, question and experiment. Language development, creative expression and listening skills are encouraged throughout the program. Children are introduced to laptops in one-to-one activities that reinforce language arts and math concepts. Social skills development rounds out our goal set for the program. To participate, children must be 3 years old by Oct. 1, 2018. The class meets Monday-Wednesday, and includes time for lunch and enrichment.

4-Year-Old Program 2018-19

This program continues to provide a classroom climate where children are engaged in active learning principles that will foster each child’s love for learning and help each child to develop the necessary skills for success in kindergarten and beyond. Children in the program benefit greatly from our affiliation with the Glen Rock School District, as our teachers have regular and meaningful interaction with their colleagues in the district’s kindergarten program. Emphasis is placed on beginning letters and sounds including the child’s written name, numbers, colors, shapes and exposure to early reading skills. The importance of language development continues as observed by the child’s use of clear speech and sentence structure. Fine motor skill development is also a focal point, as is learning to follow classroom rules and directions. To participate, children must be 4 years old by Oct. 1, 2018 and must be fully toilet trained. The class meets Monday-Friday, with the option to choose either mornings only or mornings plus lunch and enrichment.

For additional information about all Terrific for Tots programs, including days, hours and fees, please review our class brochure and registration forms, above. You are welcome to contact the community school at 201-389-5011 to arrange for a classroom visit.