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In the before care program, students have time for eating breakfast brought from home, doing homework, playing games, and participating in other non-structured activities. In the after care program, students have time for snack, homework, playing games, indoor sports, and other non-structured indoor and outdoor activities.

Other enrichment activities are offered through the GRCS seasonal brochures, and students may attend these activities. The students may return to after care following an enrichment activity as long as the activity is in the same building. The staff tries to provide outside time as weather permits. Since school playgrounds are public property, we will only take children outside if the playground is not crowded by older children or other children not participating in the after care program. This is for the safety of the children in the after care program.

Before care hours:  Monday through Friday, 7:00 am – 8:25 am. If school has a delayed opening, before care will be closed.

After care hours: Monday through Friday, 3:18 pm – 6:30 pm. On scheduled early dismissal days, after care is provided from 12:33 pm - 6:30 pm and children bring lunch from home.  If school has an early dismissal, after care will be closed.

If the school closes for warm weather, the after care program will be open from 12:33 pm – 6:30 pm. Lunch will not be provided and will need to be packed from home.  If school closes due to a building closure or inclement weather, such as snow, after care will be closed.

Each before or after care program has a Lead Caregiver and is supported by an adult Assistant(s) and high school and/or college student assistants. Our exceptional staff has many combined years of experience in the program. Staff members are committed to providing a safe and caring environment. Our adult staff is First Aid, CPR, AED and Epi-Pen trained.


Security is a priority in the before and after care program. Doors are locked and parents may only enter through designated areas. Children will have fire and lockdown drills. Parents or other adults who are dropping off are required to bring the child into the building. Parents or other adults who are picking up are required to sign out the child. We realize this may take a few extra minutes, but your child’s safety is our biggest concern.


The before and after care program is a full school year program. GRCS has specified dates for registering, as staffing and planning are essential for the success of the program. Late fees and late registration fees are charged due to changes in staffing.

Payment and Payment Types
: Ten payments are required per year, one each month, from September (collected at Registration) through June. Fees are based on the school year, not the number of days in each month. Monthly payments are not reduced because of a child’s illness, other absence, school holidays, school breaks or closings. Tuition is not prorated. Payment is required by the 5th of the month. GRCS accepts American Express, Discover, MasterCard and Visa. Also accepted are eChecks. Families are required to be enrolled in the Automatic Bill Pay program.

In the event that a lawsuit is filed to collect the outstanding balance, you agree to reimburse the Glen Rock Community School for all costs and expenses incurred in seeking collection of the amount due, including the reimbursement of reasonable attorney’s fees.

Registration Fee: A non-refundable $75 per child registration fee is required when signing up for the program each school year. This fee applies to new and returning students.

Late Registration Fee: This fee is in addition to the registration fee. Registrations received between August 22nd and September 19th will be charged a $50 late fee.

Total Fees at Registration: Due at the time of registration: registration fee, one month’s tuition and late registration fee (if applicable).

Late Payment Fee: A $25 late fee will be assessed on any payment received after the 5th of the month. If payments are routinely received after the 5th of each month, children may be asked to leave the program. 

If payment is made by check or cash, and the 5th of any month falls on a weekend, holiday, or school break, payment must be received (not postmarked) by the last business day prior to the 5th. 

Change to registration: Schedule changes may be made to before and after care.  All Changes must be completed using the Change Form, there is a $20 change fee.

Re-Entry Fee:  If your child was registered in the program and withdrawn in the same school year, and you would like to have your child re-enter the program, there is a $20 change or re-entry fee.

Returned check fee:  Families will be charged $35 per returned eCheck or Check. After the second returned check, only credit card will be accepted as a form of payment.

Discounts:  Due to program costs we can no longer offer staff discounts or sibling discounts.

Refunds: No refunds, credits or makeup dates are given due to closings, illness, vacation, activities, withdrawal from the program, etc.

Program Fees for 2019- 2020:

# of Days

Before Care

After Care Pick up by 4:30/BETA

After Care Pick up by 6:30



















Registration is ongoing beginning May 29th and can be made online. To receive services starting on the first day of school your child’s registration must be completed online by August 21st to avoid a Late Registration Fee. This includes payment of the registration fee, first month’s tuition, and receipt of all Agreements.

Please see below for more detail on start dates and fees.

Registrations between May 29, 2019 and September 26, 2019

Late registration fee of $50

Begin program first day of school

Once school starts, entrance to program

First Tuition payment

August 21 or before



First day of school

Full month Sept.

Between Aug. 22 – Aug. 29



First day of school

Full month Sept.

Between Aug. 30 - Sept. 5



Mon. Sept. 9

Full month Sept.

Between Sept. 6 - 12



Mon. Sept 16

Full month Sept.

Between Sept. 13 - 19



Mon. Sept 23

Half month Sept.

Between Sept. 20 – 26



Tues. Oct 1st

Full month Oct.

Registrations between September 27, 2019 and June of 2020

Payment is divided into two groups:

1) entering the program between the 1st and 15th of the month, the entire month will be charged,

2) entering the program between the 16th and last day of the month, half of the month will be charged.

Day of the week registering

Day the student may begin before and/or after care

Special note


Following Monday


Following Monday


Following Monday


Following Monday

Change must be made by 3 pm. After 3pm, the change is considered Friday

Friday - Sunday

One week from Monday



Student Info Changes:  All contact information, pick up authorizations and medical changes, must be placed in writing and emailed to

Change to registration (including Re-entry): Schedule changes may be made to before and after care.  All Changes must be completed using the Change Form on

Exceptions to changes and prorated tuition are not available.  A $20 fee will be assessed on all changes and re-entry into the program.

Day of the week change or re-entry is made

Day the change begins

Special note


Following Monday


Following Monday


Following Monday


Following Monday

Change must be made by 3 pm. After 3pm, the change is considered Friday

Friday - Sunday

One week from Monday

There is no fee to withdraw. All Changes must be completed using the Change FormRequests to withdraw must be submitted no later than the 25th of the preceding month or the Friday prior if the 25th falls on a weekend or holiday, otherwise you will be charged for your next tuition payment. No refunds or partial refunds are given.


Parent Drop-off at Before Care: Parents shall physically come into the building in order to drop off their child. We understand that mornings are busy; however, this is for the safety of your children.

Parent Sign-Out at After Care: At pick up you are required to sign out your child each day. It is our strict policy not to release any child until that child has been signed out by a parent or authorized adult. Adults must physically come into the building in order to sign out the child. This is for safety reasons. Children must be signed out by the adult who is picking them up.

On Time Pick Up: Please be punctual when picking up your child. If you realize you will be late please send your emergency contact or authorized adult. If you do not arrive by 6:30 pm, the staff will try to contact you, and then call your emergency contact. If your child is picked up after 6:30 pm, we will assess you a late fee of $3 per minute according to the sign out tablet clock.  In extreme cases, contact will be made to the Division of Child Permanency and Protection or the Glen Rock Police. If tardiness is ongoing, your child may be withdrawn from the program. 

If your child is signed up for the 4:30 pm pickup, and they are signed out after 4:35 pm, we will assess you a late fee of $3 per minute according to the sign out tablet clock.     

The time you sign out your child is recorded in their account. As soon as you enter the building, please sign out on the tablet; as this will avoid late fees.                               
Pick Up Authorization: Parents must inform the program caregivers, preferably 24 hours in advance if an another adult will pick up your child, who is not listed on the emergency contact or pick up list. We do not release children to adults who are not on the list or who we were not notified of being able to pick up the child. If someone other than you or your emergency contact is picking up your child, they must provide photo identification. If anyone is not permitted to pick up your child, we must receive that in writing. If a court order exists affecting your child’s arrangements, we must have a copy on file in order to comply.

Please use email to report an absence. Telephone extensions are operational only during program hours and may not be answered immediately when the staff is attending to the children. The telephone is not to be used to announce your arrival and prepare your child for pickup. 

Emergency ContactsThese are required for registration. It is of utmost importance that your emergency contacts are located nearby in order to reach the school quickly in an emergency.  They must be someone other than a parent and kept up to date. The emergency contact must provide proof of identification when picking up.

In Case of Emergency: If a child has a serious accident, the Glen Rock Police Department and Volunteer Ambulance Corps will be contacted first, then the parent, then the emergency contact if necessary. If a child appears ill, we will call the parent/guardian first then the emergency contact.


Before care does not provide breakfast, so it may be brought from home. After care does not provide snack, so it may be brought from home. We are a nut free program. Please inform the site staff and community school of all allergies.


With written permission from parents, children may attend on-site clubs or other after school activities. The after care leader must receive the child’s schedule prior to the day of the activity. Children may only return to after care from their on-site club or after school activities held at their school.

For activities off school grounds:

· If the child leaves directly from class dismissal, the child will be marked absent from after care and may not attend that day.

· If the child leaves for the activity from after care for an activity away from their school, the child may not return to after care following the activity.

Staff members are not permitted to administer medication under any circumstances, with the exception of an EpiPen. The community school office and your child’s primary caregiver must be advised if your child carries an EpiPen.

A current EpiPen must be provided to the program. Even if your child has an EpiPen on file with the school nurse, we must have duplicate materials since we do not have access to the nurse’s office during our hours of operation.


Cell phones, iPads, computers, Apple watches, GizmoGadget or other technology are not allowed at after care. Children are required to keep all technology in their backpack.  If students have the devices out, they will be asked to return the items to their backpack. Should a student want to contact a parent with one of these devices, the student should ask the Lead Caregiver for assistance. We believe that after care is a time for homework and socializing with other students through conversation, games, and indoor and outdoor play. Cameras or other videotaping devices are not allowed at before and after care.


Due to confidentiality rules, we must receive written permission from parents in order to receive information from Special Education Services for applicable children. While those same services are not available in the before and after care program, it is important that the program leadership is aware of any special needs when registering children, so we may provide them with the best possible experience in our program. Please call the community school office and ask to speak directly with the manager.

All student information is held confidentially. If you have any questions regarding confidentiality, please contact the program manager.

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